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Mindfulness Coaching

Where are you going? What are you seeking? Where are you now? I am Mindfulness Coach with more than 7 years of experience and training. Choose the coaching program that best suits you and lets work together to MINDFULLY be a better you, one breath at a time. 

Areas of Expertise

Mindfulness Meditation, Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Corporate Mindfulness Workshops


Learn to live more present by formally practicing mindfulness meditation. Cultivate patience and curiosity by siting, in silence, with yourself, like you were meeting yourself for the first time and begin to live life to the fullest.


Improve your organizational culture and well being by giving your employees the wonderful gift of mindfulness practice. Get tips on how to be more present, less reactive, and just plain happier, leading to your employees success and your own. 


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Paola B. 


"Amazing experience with Jennifer I started working with her after going through a crazy year in my life where I felt lost, not knowing where to go or what to do with my life and feelings.  She taught me literally how to breathe and be in the moment, learn from the past and trust the future. Now I know how to control negative thoughts and how to communicate with love and understand that if someone hurts you you can’t take it personally , we all have different battles and its up to you how you handle a situation. I feel stronger, I know myself, what I want, what I can give and what I deserve.  I’m not lost anymore and I can’t wait for my future. I feel like a new person, like my soul is clean and i have so much love to give . Thank you Jenny for sharing your gift, love and knowledge, every time I talk to you I am surprised of how much more I can learn. "

Paola B.