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Notes on gratitude....

As we are more present throughout the day we begin to appreciate the simple moments, the short instances of human connection, the smile that came from the person crossing your path for one split of a second, the air touching your skin, the smell of the freshly brewed coffee you share with someone you love, the perfectly imperfect symphonies that come from the sky.. it is a feeling that comes out of awareness

As Sharon S. shared, it is not going from a true place to a false/fake perspective and forcing yourself to feel grateful. It is being aware of things/instances/people/situations that you weren’t present to notice before, it’s seeing more clearly what already is, opening the eyes to what’s in front of you. It is beginning to look at people instead of looking through them.

Mindfulness comes with gratitude and we find it within ourselves. As you practice bringing full awareness to this moment you will inevitably feel more grateful, more appreciative of the mere fact that you are alive. #mindfulnessmiami#mindfulness#chill#cultivatingbliss #mindfulnesscoach#meditation#gratitude 🙌🏼

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