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work with me


30 days


- One on one weekly session

- Unlimited access to me via email or text

- Unconditional support

- Worksheets and other resources


Get to know who you really are through the power of self-awareness and consciously choose how to see life. As the enemy or as an Opportunity?


Become a conscious leader and creator of your own life, seeing more clearly the learning opportunities that life presents you with.  


Acquire the ability to relate with emotions and thoughts in difficult situations, learning to find balance within the storm, without being knocked down.


Create and execute a plan with small action steps to reach a higher purpose.




- Discover how to incorporate meditation in your day to day

- Learn the basic qualities of a Mindfulness meditation practice

- Experience different meditation practices and gain practical tips to help you cultivate self-awareness

- Deepen your practice


- Learn the benefits and science behind Mindfulness meditation

- Receive tips on how to incorporate a mindfulness practice in high stress environment

- Treat your employees, and yourself, with a guided, science based meditation.

- The group will learn how to be less stressed, reduce anxiety and sleep better

For more info or to book your workshop please contact me via email

My Path

My Mindfulness meditation journey began 10 years ago, when I began to ask myself the basic questions: 

Who am I, why did I come, where am I going What is the purpose of my life? With Mindfulness practice I allowed myself to be more present and let the answers come for themselves.

I am Mindfulness Coach with more than 7 years of experience and training. I currently do one-on-one life coaching, mindfulness sessions and teach at Innergy Meditation Studio in Miami Beach FL. I focus on corporate mindfulness workshops and training, guiding others to live more fully in a highly stressful environment.


After many years in the corporate environment and experiencing the benefits of my meditation practice I left to pursue a full-time career as a mindfulness teacher and life coach. Studied Mindfulness Fundamentals and Mindfulness Curriculum with Mindful Schools, a Teacher Intensive – Mind and Body in San Jose, CA with the Mindfulness Center of MBSR, and Certified as a Mindfulness Coach with Mentoring and Consulting organization of Puebla, Mexico. I am passionate teacher, and always a student, that loves to share the wonderful gift of mindfulness from my personal experience. 

My Approach
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